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  • Bespoke Silicone Hose
    Bespoke Silicone Hose Design For Applications

    SUNRISE can provide complete silicone hose design support for your project. We will help customer to define a silicone hose design for the operational requirements. Welcome to inquiry!

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  • Charge Air Cooler Hose
    Silicone Charge Air Cooler Hose

    SUNRISE supply a lot of charge air cooler hoses for various industial application. Silicone charge air cooler hose and fluorocarbon liner connectors are suitable for demands of the engine compartment of large diesel trucks.

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  • Wrapped Silicone Hose
    Wrapped Silicone Hose For Industrial Application

    We supply wrapped silicone hose for various application. The wrapped silicone hose are made by using a special process. We can produce various complex shape hoses based on our high level of craftsmanship and all the hoses have a nice appearance.

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  • Silicone CAC Hose
    Silicone CAC Hose Inlet Outlet Hump Reducer

    SUNRISE supply a lot of silicone CAC hoses for various industial application. We supply CAC hump hose, CAC inlet hose, CAC hose in complex shape, etc. Custom silicone CAC hose is available here!

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High Temp Silicone Tubing Acid Resistance Ozone Safe High Temp Silicone Tubing Acid Resistance Ozone Safe

High Temp Silicone Tubing Acid Resistance Ozone Safe

Silicone tubing resistance to acid and alkali. A wild range of application where high temperatures or extreme working conditions exist. Excellent ozone and UV resistance.Good insulation performance.
  • Color :

    black, red, blue, orange, yellow, purple, green
  • port of dispatch :

    Xiamen City, China
  • original region :

  • Lead Time :

    3~4 weeks
  • H.S. Code :

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Silicone Tubing - Unreinforced High Temp Slicone Tubing Characteristic(s):

Custom company logo placement available.
Resistance to acid and alkali.
Resistant to electrochemical degradation.
Good insulation performance.
Excellent ozone and UV resistance.
Heat Resistance.
Recommended working temperatures: -65°F to 482°F (-53.9°C to +250°C).

Silicone Tubing; High Temp Silicone Tubing

High performance silicone tubing has a wide range of industrial applications. Welcome to customize all kinds of silicone tubes, including size, color, special performance requirements. SUNRISE is ISO9001 certificated silicone hose manufacturer. We offer high quality silicone tubing and quality guaranteed! We can provide third party testing certificates if necessary.

In addition to being used a fluid pipe, silicone tubes can also be used as protective sleeve, such as silicone tubing for led lights,wire protecting cover in the severe environment. We produce silicone tubing in any size you want and in any color as needed.

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  • colored silicone tubing Colored Silicone Tubing Purple Lime Green Orange Yellow

    Sunrise is specializing in providing silicone hoses in a variety of colors, shapes and uses to meet people's different needs. Welcome to customize high quality silicone hoses in SUNRISE!

  • silicone vacuum line Silicone Vacuum Line customized colored Tubing

    SUNRISE is specialized in the production of silicone vacuum line, which have the advantages of stable volume, excellent performance and aging resistance, and can be customized according to different requirements.

  • Extruded Silicone Tubing Custom Extruded Silicone Tubing

    The extruded silicone tubing from SUNRISE has excellent high temperature and low temperature resistance, also has good physical characteristics stability.

  • Silicone Vacuum Hose Extruded Silicone Vacuum Hose Tubing Big Size Blue Color

    Silicone vacuum hose commonly used in vacuum connections, virtually any non-pressured or vacuum application where high temperatures or extreme working conditions exist. Excellent ozone and UV resistance.

  • Custom Silicone Seals Custom Extruded Silicone Seals For Door Window

    SUNRISE specializes in the production of various silicone seals according to customers’ unique design. Seals are in high quality and quality guaranteed! We have many silicone seals profiles for your reference.

  • 45 Degree Carbon Fiber Elbow Pipes 45 Degree Carbon Fiber Elbow Pipe Tube

    Supplier of 45 degree carbon fiber elbow, manufacturer of custom carbon fiber elbow pipes according to all your specifications. We offer color or clear coating services to meet your project needs.

  • Platinum Cured Silicone Braided Hose FDA tubing Platinum Cured Braided Silicone Tubing

    The platinum cured braid silicone hose is hose in FDA general purpose grade. It meets the requirements of FDA 21 CFR 177.2600, REACH, RoHS and Food Contact Materials - Regulation (EC) 1935/2004.

  • Custom Rubber Hoses Custom Automotive Rubber Hose For Auto Industry

    The rubber hose meets requirements of SAE J20 specification. Hand crafted process in China and quality inspected to the high standards. Welcome to customize EPDM hose,rubber hose for your application!


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