High Temp Silicone Braided Hose Aramid Reinfoced Tubing

Highly flexible silicone braided hose for conveying liquids,air.Resistance to UV,ozone,gases,moisture,and high temperature. Double aramid layer braided reinforcement for extremely high strength application.
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    Clear black red blue
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    Xiamen City, China
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    3~5 weeks

High Temp Braided Silicone Hose

The silicone hose with braided reinforcement is an open mesh polyester braiding incorporating with the walls of silicone rubber hose. That enables silicone rubber hose to handle increased pressure applications and offers exceptional resistance to temperature extremes. The hose also allows excellent bend radii and permits installation in restricted spaces with impeding flow. The hose is a platinum cured product and contains no sulphur or other acid producing chemicals, which eliminates the possibillity of corroding, staining, or deteriorating other materials it contacts.

Hardness value of 70 Shore A
Extremely flexible
Imparts no taste or odor to critical streams
General temperature range: -50 degree C to 200 degree C
Resists temperature extremes, compression set, ozone, radiation, chemical attack, moisture, and environmental exposure
Custom sizes, lengths, and/or special cleaning available

Silicone Braided HoseHigh Temp Braided Silicone Hose

Aramid Braided Reinforced Silicone Tubing

The standard braid reinforcement is polyester, the optional reinforcement is aramid. The aramid reinforced tubing can resist much higher pressure than polyester reinforced tubing. The aramid braid silicone tubing meets requirements of ISO2398 Type 1 and Type 2, and meets requirements of DIN 20018.

Contact SUNRISE to custom High Temp silicone braided hose! We can produce braided silicone tubing in multi-color, multi-layer braiding! SUNRISE is ISO9001 certificated silicone braided tubing manufacturer in China and offers high quality silicone tubing and quality guarantee!

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