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Extruded  Silicone Rubber Door Window Seals Extruded  Silicone Rubber Door Window Seals Extruded  Silicone Rubber Door Window Seals Extruded  Silicone Rubber Door Window Seals Extruded  Silicone Rubber Door Window Seals Extruded  Silicone Rubber Door Window Seals

Extruded Silicone Rubber Door Window Seals

SUNRISE can extrude silicone rubber seals for doors and windows per your design. We have ability of manufacuturing extrusion silicone seals per your specification. Customized order is always welcome!

  • Color :

    Any Color as requested
  • port of dispatch :

    Xiamen City, China
  • original region :

  • Lead Time :

    3~5 weeks
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Extrusion Silicone Rubber Door Seals / Window Seals

SUNRISE's extruded silicone seals are manufactured to meet our customers’ unique demands. We work with a variety of silicone materials, including fluorosilicone, phenyl silicone, and custom compounds to deliver high quality silicone extrusions for a broad spectrum of applications. We create extruded silicone coated cables, door seals, expansion joints, and much more.

Extrusion Silicone Rubber Door SealsExtrusion Silicone Rubber Window Seals

General purpose silicones provide reliable performance in temperatures up to 400°F (204°C) and excellent outdoor color stability. Fluorosilicone exhibits excellent chemical, fuel, and oil resistance. High strength silicone offers improved tensile strength and tear resistance.

We can produce your custom silicone extrusions from a range of quality materials with durometers from Shore 40A to Shore 80A. If you’re not sure what type of silicone material is right for your product(s), our expert team will work with you to determine which material option is best-suited to your application and performance requirements.

Custom silicone door seals and window seals is always welcome here!

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Have A Question? You Can Call Us Or Email Us By Sending A Message Below.
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